The German company Dexcar Autovermietung UG is a company with Swiss spirit and Italian leadership, which was founded in 2014 with headquarters in Essen. The economic model of the company is based on shareconomy through which it offers longterm car leasing for 0 euros a month for all members of the community Dexcar. Moreover, this ingenious and innovative program where one leases a new car every two years brings many privileges and savings for its members.


Dexcar wants to revive the automotive industry and become a role model not only in terms of size and turnover, but also for its ability to open up a path that has not yet been discovered. Dexcar offers its customers and employees something really new in terms of economic, environmental and in terms of professional growth.


Its aim is to enable every member of the Dexcar community to have the use of a new car of the most prestigious brands of their choice for only a one-time fee to the Dexcar community, and to increase brand awareness in the market and expand Dexcar community throughout Europe and beyond.

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